Automated business flows in supplier collaboration are gaining sustainability

Sustainability as a megatrend

It is no secret that sustainability will be one of the biggest megatrends of all time with a global impact on society, the environment, and the economy. Manufacturing companies all over the world are having an impact on all these three approaches. Midsize and larger companies should be the forerunners for smaller companies in sustainability development. 

Shortly the EUs new Supply Chain Due Diligence Law is supposed to come into force. Also, let’s not forget the UN’s 2030 Agenda which is a plan of action for people, the planet, and prosperity. These are relevant to our industry, and it is time to take the next steps to implement sustainability in our companies’ agendas.

Manufacturing companies in the Nordics have seen the effects of the ongoing crises in their supply chains. The security in communication and data transparency can be a big problem if you don’t have the right tools to support the processes.

It is important to choose tools you can trust to stay relevant, even in times of political crises or pandemics, and will be able to provide you with solid uptime. Lost time ultimately results in lost productivity. 

Secure and transparent data sharing with Jakamo

Jakamo is a supplier collaboration tool for manufacturing companies. In other words, the Jakamo Platform is an industry-specific standard service designed for manufacturing companies. It’s like a Facebook or LinkedIn of manufacturing companies.

As we look at the trend for 2023, big points are reducing the lead times in various processes such as order confirmations, claims, forecasts, and RFQs. In Jakamo, it’s possible to handle and monitor all these processes in real time.

Companies using Jakamo are establishing digital business relationships with each other on the Jakamo Platform. Digitalized business relations make it possible to integrate business flows with your own ERP. Jakamo provides standard APIs for integrations. 

A good example of an automated business flow is the Purchase Order (PO) and Order Confirmation process. It’s possible to share POs, including the documents, with your suppliers automatically from your ERP to Jakamo. Both parts have real-time and symmetric visibility of the data, files, statuses, and all communication related to this particular PO. If someone is absent, colleagues can easily check what should be done to avoid irregularities. So, it’s becoming transparent and visible, it’s not dependent on one single person anymore, and the information is now available in a well-structured way.

Integrated business flows will gain efficiency and lead to shorter lead times in the whole supply chain. It will decrease human-made errors, but also, it will free up time for more value-added and sustainable work for your professionals. We go away from the old school mail-to-mail-world, and onward to the automated and efficient supply chain ecosystem.