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jarno laasala

Be brave and share your story!

We had a great opportunity to interview a stunning entrepreneur and disruptor of media and entertainment industry. Jarno Laasala created the group called Dudesons, which have done TV shows almost 30 years and their shows have been on air in over 150 countries around the world. Laasala is the Chairman and Founder of Rabbit Films Ltd which is the biggest independently owned production company in Finland. He is also a Youtuber sharing videos weekly in his own YouTube channel.

This was Jarno’s message and encouragement for manufacturing companies who want to achieve something special.

“We all should think how we can stand out – What can we do that our story gets told? I would recommend every manufacturing company to think how we can publish our story and upload it all around the world? Just be as transparent and real as you can, and share your story. Just start doing it!

“You don’t have to think like who we hire to do that, because there are probably people in your company who might be already making YouTube videos – so just start creating and sharing your story, and through that, you can get your message out and gain a lot of interest.”

“And finally, be brave!”

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