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Field guide to AI

Artificial Intelligence is expected to become the emerging technology with biggest business impact over the near future. For the past few years, AI has been in the headlines daily, often characterised by hype of all-liberation disruption or impending doomsday scenarios. With the barrage of news items and reports, it is no wonder that AI often sounds like an overwhelming concept that will change everything – when they just flick it on.

However, let’s face it: when looking past the hyperbole and exaggerations, AI applications and technologies are already part of our everyday lives. In fact, Gartner predicts that by  2020, AI technologies will be a part of almost all new software products*. As they continue to become a reality for companies and customers alike, exploring the opportunities and value they unveil should be on the to-do list of all decision makers.

Read this study made by Microsoft together with PwCUncovering AI in Finland, 2018 Field Guide to AI –  and learn how leaders and organisations can take the first and next steps in making the most of AI. The field study explores how top Finnish manufacturing companies, such as KONE, Metso, Stora Enso, UPM and Wärtsilä, are embracing AI opportunities in practice to capture this potential.


* Gartner, 2017. How Enterprise Software Providers Should (and Should Not) Exploit the AI Disruption.

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