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connectivity capability

Concentrate on connectivity capability

Jukka Vesalainen works as a Professor at the University of Vaasa. His expertise is in the field of strategic management, network management and supply chain management. Vesalainen is a Co-founder and a Board Member of Jakamo.

“There are no general rules for building up an efficient supply chain. My opinion is that connectivity capability is the most important thing today. Companies should be able to connect with other companies in order to build business ecosystems. So, there is a need for both personal capabilities, such as collaboration and digibility skills, and organizational processes and structures like tools by which the persons are connected to the others in the network. How to improve the connectivity capability in the organizational level is a key question for manufacturing companies in the near future.”

“The hype is real, especially in the field of digitalization in organizational management but also in network management. People talk lots about technological innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. But if you think about the practical life of companies, you can’t actually ride on the edge of technological development all the time. There is such kind of innovations which actually do not fit all cases. Think your needs and use those solutions which fit best to the needs.”

“In the market, there are thousands of applications and digital solutions for manufacturing companies, both for internal use and also for inter-organizational use which are designed for cross-border activities. We can find many kinds and types of digital solutions: IoT platforms, Content Management platforms, Workflow Collaboration platforms, BI platforms and Integration platforms. So, the field is very wide. And inside all those fields mentioned, there are lots of different solutions and applications to be used.”

“Companies should be aware of the possibilities that are in the market at the moment, but at the same time, they have to evaluate carefully those applications and the possibilities to make fit towards their own need. That’s the most important thing. You don’t need to have the most modern technology in use, but you have to have the right and relevant technology for your case.”

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