Find the target for your digital transformation

Frans Svensson is leading the procurement in Inwido Corporation which is the biggest window and door producers in Europe.

“It’s nice to meet other colleagues from other industries and one of the takeaways was that there are a lot of trends going on in the world at the moment. Of course, we have the environmental trend, we need to focus to be more environmentally friendly, and that goes for all the companies which have been here.”

“Another interesting topic is the digitalization and the challenges it will give us. There are so much different possibilities in the digital landscape and you need to start somewhere. The general technology trends are artificial intelligence and machine learning, and we need to understand where to use those new technologies. Also, 3D printing is an interesting opportunity for many companies, especially in our own industry. There exist companies in the market who are 3D printing windows already.”

“My advice is that start your digital transformation journey not aiming too high. You need to take it step by step because the world will not be perfect in two days. I encourage to put a clear but not a too high target. You don’t need to invent everything by yourself because there are other companies out there who can help you. Find the right partners who will support your journey”, summarises Frans Svensson in this video interview.