Gain your flexibility and go to the cloud

Pia Kantola is a successful international leader in the fields of consumer electronics, software and automation. Today she’s leading operations and customer experience for HMD Global – the home for Nokia Phones.

“If we look at the transformation especially in the supply chain, one major topic is the cycle-time, it’s speeding up. The amount of changes is happening so rapidly that the traditional business models don’t work anymore. For example, very integrated supply chains, working with the same partners throughout the years and having very static IT systems – that doesn’t work anymore in the consumer electronics industry.”

“I think the most important capability for a manufacturing company who really wants to go digital is the flexibility. In case you bet all their money in very static systems, think again, the world will change anyhow. You need to be flexible and everything must be going to the cloud. Regardless of the business model, markets or suppliers, don’t stick to the old business. The IT and legacy should not limit the implementation of changes. For all companies, the flexibility is the most important thing.”