What will happen if your company wouldn’t go digital?

Kimmo Rauma has led many technology companies into world-class success and exits. Currently, he’s leading the electrification disruption inside Danfoss which is a well-known corporation of its hydraulic products.

“Everyone in the manufacturing industry is seeing the digital disruption, I’m happy about that, it’s very important.”

“It’s interesting to see the behaviour how manufacturing companies will realize the potential of smaller disruptive technology companies besides the traditional big ones – how to align these together to reach the best potential result.”

“I’m a big fan of working with scenarios and my recommendation for those manufacturing companies who are planning their digital transformation journey is to make the scenarios of going digital and not going digital – what would happen to your company? Look at the different options where you would land without digital transformation, and after that, I think it’s really clear and obvious for everyone that it’s necessary to do something.”

Here’s another point of view about whether companies should or should not go digital.