Learn new tech along the way

Göran Bengtsson is an experienced leader and acting nowadays as the Head of Management Consulting at EG Sweden AB. Listen to his thoughts about the challenges and technological hype in the manufacturing industry.

“Manufacturing companies are facing several different challenges and one of them is speed. The speed is increasing and the new technology is there which is also driving the speed in the industry. The other thing is the processes which are today maybe not the most effective and are not challenged enough. Of course, there are other for example environmental things which are a challenge for the manufacturing companies.”

“I think 3D printing is one of the new technologies that the manufacturing companies should follow. Artificial Intelligence is also there. I don’t think companies should rush into new technologies, they should take small steps and learn along the way.”

“How to start digital transformation depends on the maturity of the company and business they are operating in. Be cool, take it easy, don’t rush into new things, because you probably buy things that you are not able to receive into your organization. So, take it easy, build a roadmap where you have the capacity and resources considered to reach the targets”, Göran Bengtsson concludes.