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Looking beyond the ERP platforms

As we have seen in the past year, that the major players in the market are expanding their footprint from legacy ERPs to finance and other places in the organization. We all know how difficult the ERP market is and how the demanding customers require constant development from the platform.

From storing information to managing everything

Most of the major platforms have become more and more a set of eyes towards the whole organization. Not only to do things but to manage everything. They are allowing the businesses to see the big picture of the entire process.

Buying the startups to gain more visibility

While the debate goes on for the startups trying to get a fast exit, the major platform providers live their lives like kings. Every time an innovation or a small vendor is taking the market, the timeframe for exit is less than 12 months. I still think that the opportunity to grow as a startup could be more rewarding than a million-dollar exit.

ERP is dead. Or is it?

The platform is a hot topic and has been for years now. Still, companies consider their investments when it comes to picking just one solution to manage everything. Vendor lock, problems on development, and high development costs are like nightmares for businesses.

ERP manages the major part of the manufacturing processes and has a clear role in every manufacturing company strategy. Cloud, 5G, and other new technologies kind of strengthens the role of the ERP. Faster connection and new devices to manage everything on the factory floors make it even more stickier solution in the businesses.

Buying more data management layers

Just last week Microsoft acquired the Suplari. Another solution is to give more visibility to the processes and the information stored in the systems. This is another startup with a focus on data visibility in the supply chain and procurement processes. What will Microsoft acquire next?

Still, I wake up every morning having the same thought all over again: “What category of software will take over the role of ERP in the future? Will it be data management, communication platforms, or something else?”

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