Most of the daily operations can be digitalized already

Tomas Jaskelevicius

We had a privilege to interview Tomas Jaskelevicius, an experienced leader from the manufacturing industry. Tomas has 20 years experience in the mechanical engineering business. He has been working in the field of metal processing, electronics and plastics with various manufacturing companies in Baltics and customers in the EU.

Tomas runs own consultancy company PBS (Progressive Business Solutions) since 2006 which is focusing on exports and acquisitions, manufacturing processes including Monitor ERP, machine tool sales as an official representative for Bystronic, Hyundai WIA, BLM.

From 2007 Tomas lead Arginta Engineering team for the development of the company and has been actively involved in companies export activities. Arginta engineering sales has been developed from 1 MEUR to almost 15 MEUR profitable business in 10 years period starting 2007. The target is to reach 50 MEUR annual sales in the next five years leading Arginta Engineering professional Team.

Tomas has Public responsibilities as a President of Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association LINPRA, Member of the Board at Baltic Automotive Component Cluster BACC and Enterprise Lithuania.

Why is the digital transformation so important for manufacturing companies today?

I do believe it’s the only way to keep increasing efficiency in the processes by minimizing the risk of human error. It allows employees to avoid boring operations and target on value-added creative work.

As the CEO of a manufacturing company, what do you think are the big opportunities for manufacturing companies in the space of the supply chain?

Supply chain management has still been depending on a lot of manual work, which creates a big probability for mistakes. It’s very important in project business to have real-time data and create value by searching better supply chain set-ups instead of maintaining the current.

The next big thing for manufacturing companies in the digital landscape – what do you think?

I do believe technologies are available now, but we still have a lot to do with the mindset of managers. Most of the daily operations in the manufacturing companies can be digitalized already, Tomas Jaskelevicius concludes.