Our Commitment during COVID-19

COVID-19 is continuing to impact people and companies around the world and increasing the uncertainty in the near future. At Jakamo, our highest priority is the health and safety of our customers and employees, and all communities.

We will follow the instructions and travel guidelines given by the authorities, and not make any business trips during the pandemic. We’re encouraging our personnel to work from home as much as possible and keep the social distance, as we are seeing many of our customers doing as well. We expect this trend to continue in the whole manufacturing ecosystem.

While first and foremost a human tragedy, COVID-19 is also an unprecedented challenge to global supply chains. In these circumstances, we encourage our users to exploit the platform’s general apps such as Ideas, To-Do-Lists and Library. Share supply and demand forecast, drive open and instant interaction and keep innovation collaboration on-going with the strategic partners.

Make sure that all your colleagues working in business relationships have access to Jakamo. With Jakamo you can ensure that the business-critical information is available and up to date in case of unexpected sick leaves and quarantines.

Today, the whole world is online. Our commitment towards our customers in the manufacturing ecosystem has always been to enable work digitally. By using Jakamo and working remotely, we want to help our customers to support public health and safety and keep the business partners connected globally in real-time.


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