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Overseen pitfalls within project execution organization

project execution


Most of us are involved in projects, one sort or another, which require a contribution towards attaining objectives that are not merely an outcome of one simple task. Understanding how you and your team’s efforts should be organized may be side-tracked as the environment becomes more infused with variables and pressure. More importantly, today it must be further realized what are the project execution pitfalls to be avoided as they may lead to a path with more severe consequences than ever before.

Missing the basics when striving for full potential

Formulating plans, addressing possible risks and drafting scenarios to overcome the impossible odds in any unforeseen event is something to which efforts must be placed to succeed not only once in your projects, but rather improving the standard of performance for your organization now and tomorrow. However, today it is more common to be bombarded with far-fetched maneuvers that may work on paper, but if you are not paying attention to what is essential and what is not, you just end up being diverted from your course towards project completion.

Nevertheless, you must be vigilant of how you can be better, but only by listening carefully to what is being said and applying the feedback appropriately when necessary. Do not be fooled that you can contribute more just by focusing on progress for the sake of progress. Therefore, it may be healthy to remind yourself from time to time, what is the ultimate purpose of why your organization exists, what needs to be done to serve the purpose of your organization, and above all – how.

In other words, sometimes the internalized basics applied with talent and appropriate tools to the given situation may be what was actually missing in order to enable the organization to contribute to the fullest.  

Project execution pitfalls to be avoided

Project execution pitfalls that may hinder an organization can vary tremendously, but in order to narrow the range for the sake of an argument, let us consider that the foundation such as long-term strategy and capabilities of the organization are in place and functioning well. Here are prime examples of missing the basics from which to take note to further improve the sustainable contribution of the organization and its people.

Forgetting the culture. People depend on the culture which creates the common ground to lay the feet when pushing forward with your team, day after day. It is the uniting force embodied by an agreed set of highlighted behaviours and skills which are seen best to serve the purpose of the organization and wellbeing of your most respectable asset – people. Values that are expected from you and what you expect from your fellow employees for the benefit of the business. In case the culture is only presented as a line-up of nice words, and not adopted in different levels of the organization, you are in a pitfall from which you rarely get out just by yourself.

Unrealistic target setting. Aspirations must be worthwhile in relation to the purpose of the organization. However, if the comprehension of scarcity is not factored in when the main targets and the path towards them are being devised, i.e. meaning that limited resources must satisfy limitless wants, you are in for a stretch far longer that is being mistakenly expected. In case you are further companied with disengaged executives, the situation is even more serious.

Dismissal over adaptation. When embarking onto attaining goals that have been set, may they be realistic or not, new information that shares insight for things to come, should not be dismissed before proper adaptation to extend the wisdom of your organization. If genuine concerns or facts even are ignored that perhaps would jeopardize the efforts based on misplaced idealism, bounds of reality will come to make terms somewhere down the line.

Disconnected collaboration. Given the fact that a specific knowledge nor capability rarely is available in a single location when delivering your solution to the customer, the lack of system functioning as a platform for collaboration is a sign of a pending pitfall. When the timer is started, poor collaboration practices among your supplier network will influence your performance exponentially in relation to the amount intricacy that is involved in pulling the strings of your solution together.

Luckily, by having the required resources to implement a proper collaboration platform such as Jakamo for your organization, you are on the right track. And regardless, that some addressed issues may require an overhaul of mindsets and habits on a larger scale, having a tool which has the features which simultaneously can,

  • create a culture of having a common ground,
  • set targets mutually with your collaborative partner,
  • record and exchange feedback, change notices and development proposals,
  • source knowledge which connects all relevant individuals to the project execution,

is something that will definitely play in your organization’s favour in the long run, not only with disconnected collaboration but in reference to all mentioned project execution pitfalls.


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