The role and future of green supplier networks

green supplier networks

On my last blog post, I was talking about the role of circular economy in managing the future supply networks. The topic today, green supplier networks, is more valid than ever. The past year was not the golden year for the ecologically friendly companies due to lack of strong decisions in the main Climate change panels. So, is it all over for us? Not at all – it is just the beginning!

The world is changing faster than ever and the tricks of yesterday don’t work anymore so we need innovative ways to develop our green supplier networks more than ever! We in WOIMA Corporation see that the trend in supplier networks development is focusing on sustainability and increasing the flexibility in the overall value chain. We must be able to respond to immediate changes in business environments.

We see a future where the green is already built into the supply network and we don’t need to even boost the green values as they become the dominant force of supply chains globally. We believe that by making the right sustainable supply chain decisions in each part of the value chain, the carbon footprint becomes smaller and when the flexibility is built-in, the end-customer will pay less. Strong words and this is not happening by itself. We need everyone on board and keep focus in the doing rather than in the talking.

New supply chain tools provide us with a valuable helping hand and much-needed speed but that it is not the driver. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a vital element of the agile supply chain of the future but the main drivers are coming from the new generation supply chain managers who demand change and see the change as an opportunity and not a cost.

Do you see the green future the same way as we do? Ask more about turning Your waste into wellbeing with WOIMA Circular Economy Solutions and green supplier networks.