Towards real-time, accurate and non-fragmented data

Pertti Korhonen is a board professional, industrial advisor, investor and climate enthusiast. He is a former SCM Executive and CTO of Nokia Corporation and former CEO of Electrobit Corporation and Outotec Plc. Listen to his insight on how digital solutions will transform life in manufacturing companies during the upcoming years.

Why is information visibility and accessibility so important for a modern manufacturing company? “If you can make information real-time, accurate, transparent and non-fragmented, it immediately improves the flow, the cycle-time, the performance of the supply chain.”

What kind of obstacles a manufacturing company can face during their digital transformation journey? “Perhaps it’s between our ears. We are so used to think in the old ways of managing the supply chain and perhaps the companies have not yet realised what kind of step forward they could do if they would find a simple way to digitalize their supply chain.”


The article was published originally in Friction Free on 23 May 2018.