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Finding new suppliers for manufacturing companies

This is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies. Finding new suppliers to deliver faster, more, and at the same time with better quality. Manufacturing companies are more aware of the current set of suppliers. The manufacturing companies rate suppliers, evaluate the quality of the end product and ask to define the cost of elements. This is a matter of trust. The outcome of these thoughts is for manufacturing companies to start looking for other options.

Finding a supplier from Google?

The supplier relationships are long-lasting and are built with trust. When you break the trust with delays, quality, or poor communication, the other side tends to blame the suppliers.

Finding a new supplier in today’s world is like gambling. You know what the current supplier network can deliver, and you try to match it with something more. Ways to find a curated list of suppliers is easy, go to Google and type: “List of manufacturing suppliers Globally”. You get about 561 000 000 results. Most of them are 3rd party websites with more banners than characters. Would you select a vendor from a list like this?

Finding a curated supplier through a supplier experience platform

We know that a curated vendor, who is already using a workflow platform to collaborate with manufacturing companies, is at a level that can be onboarded faster to the ongoing projects.

What’s unique in our Jakamo platform is how any supplier can help onboard themselves to the supplier experience collaboration platform. The platform’s core is built with the supplier database ready to take the next step with manufacturing companies and move all of the collaboration to the widely known Microsoft Azure-hosted collaboration platform.

Business opportunities for every supplier

At the beginning of Jakamo journey, we defined three things that would help the industry vendors and help our customers digitalize their collaboration between different stakeholders.

  1. Make the world more comfortable, organized, and structured for manufacturing procurement.
  2. Connect manufacturing companies with suppliers globally.
  3. Automate all of the available manual processes and develop ongoing running processes

The fastest way for a manufacturing company to find a new supplier

Our customers in the manufacturing industry have been impressed with the number of suppliers already on the platform. The number of suppliers accepting the invite from the Jakamo manufacturing companies to the collaboration platform seems to amaze all of them.

And the list of manufacturing suppliers

All of Jakamo’s manufacturing company customers have the option in the user interface to see all of the available suppliers in a simple list format.

Want to find new suppliers for your manufacturing business? Join now to the supplier experience platform and connect with suppliers globally. Click here to read more about the supplier experience platform.

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