Friction Free is now Supplier Experience

Friction Free Online Magazine was founded in 2018 to bring supply chain leaders together for sharing their ideas and visions of digital supply chain and digital transformation. Two years later, together with our community, we have decided to sharpen the focus on the Supplier Experience. That’s why the magazine will be called Supplier Experience from now on.

The concept of Supplier Experience includes the former technological topics and at the same time follows the well-known concepts of Customer Experience, Employee Experience and User Experience. In the matter of fact, all mentioned are in deep connection with each other and have significant importance in creating customer value.

We have introduced five different categories which together form the concept of Supplier Experience: 1) Future visibility and open governance, 2) Operational transparency & automation, 3) New technology, 4) Collaboration & interaction and 5) Ecosystem. These categories are in the forefront as the topics in upcoming articles and interviews.

The Concept of Supplier Experience

In this magazine, we want to highlight the importance of supplier experience and how it’s affecting the overall company performance. All executives should care about it because the end-customer will see the outcome of poor supplier experience. That’s why the most successful manufacturing companies are focusing more and more efforts to gain their supplier experience.

We warmly invite all supply chain leaders and experts to join the discussion!

Jarl Matti Anttila

CMO & Co-founder, Jakamo
Editor & Author, Supplier Experience Magazine